Catering Business

How to Start Your Own Home Based Catering Business

The catering business can be a highly lucrative business for you to get into if you do enjoy entertaining and making food. You can even do it from your own home if you prefer to do so. There are lots of different uses for a caterer and catering services, and people are always having events that may benefit from hiring a caterer. If you think that you have something to offer this highly lucrative market, then you should be able to open your own catering company and be successful.

There are a couple of things to think about when you want to get into this market. Maybe you can buy an existing operation if you have the necessary capital? Do a search in your local newspaper or at Craigslist – there will probably lots of prospects for sale. If buying an existing business operation is not your way to go then the first thing that you need to do is decide on a name. You can look in the phone book or online to see what other catering names have been chosen. Try not to copy any names, but use them as a starting point in order to choose a unique and thoughtful name for your own operation.

Catering Business Plan

After you have chosen a name for your operation, and filed the appropriate paperwork with the government, you need to start thinking about what kinds of certifications that you will need. Handling food is regulated tightly, so you need to make sure that you choose a place of business that will help you meet all of these regulations. Check with your local business council in order to find out what the laws are.

When you have a handle on all the laws and have chosen a place to run your operation out of, you will need to come up with some special and unique catering business ideas. Maybe the catering truck business or some sort of mobile catering biz could be something for you? These ideas are what you will be selling to your customers. You should choose a particular menu and different options for various different events that you might be hired for.

Catering Business Marketing Ideas

You might want to think about building a website as a form of advertising for your catering company. You can post the menu that you have decided on and various different certifications or experience that you may have. Pricing does not have to be listed, but an example may give customers an idea of your charges so that they do not call you needlessly.

When all of this is complete, you will have to get out and market your service. Tell everyone that you see about it and let them know that you can be flexible to nearly every single event. Don’t let events that are out of the ordinary scare you away. Keep your business flexible and you will be successful!

I hope this article has helped you a bit further towards your goal of running a successful catering business or service!