Business Catering Event

Business catering event – if you are in charge of planning a catered meeting in a business environment, you may be wondering where to begin. Luckily, there are all kinds of catering companies out there that will work with you to provide the perfect menu for your corporate happening. The first step is to get a good estimate of how many people will be attending the function. Next, you can start shopping around for the right catering firm. A good starting point would be the Yellow Pages or even the Internet.

When searching for a catering business online make sure to include your city and state in the keyword search phrase. This will return a list of related firms in your local area. You might want to start with the Yellow Pages, make a list then check online to see if the particular companies have sites where you can get more information. Sometimes you can learn more about the menu choices and prices from visiting a company’s website. Once you’ve got the list narrowed down to your top three choices, call and make arrangements to consult with each.

During your consultation with each firm you will want to tell them more about the convention you are planning. It is likely that you have a set budget. If so, make sure to mention it up front. You don’t want to waste time considering choices that are out of your price range. You may be wondering what kind of foods to serve. It all depends on what kind of event it is and whether you need a full meal or light appetizers. Some universal choices that are always a good idea include coffee, water, soft drinks, meat and cheese platters, fruit and vegetable trays, chips with dip and a dessert item like cake or cookies. These are items that are easy to serve and appealing to most everyone.

A corporate catering event doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, it can be an enjoyable experience if you work with a good caterer . If it goes well, you may even be called upon to handle the details for your company in the future. Food is a very important aspect of most every party, meeting or gathering, whether it is a fun get-together or a corporate function. Quality food provided by an experienced caterer will make it enjoyable for everyone even if it is a business function.

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