Business Luncheon Catering

Business luncheon catering – there are all kinds of possibilities when it comes to your next business lunch gathering. Rather than heading to the same old restaurant for your meeting, consider a lunch meeting at your location. This can be a great way to feed a large group while discussing business matters. There are all kinds of catering companies that offers catering for businesses services all over the country. Check your local Yellow Pages or Craigslist to see how many companies exist in your area. From there you can set up consultations with various caterers to see who best fits your corporate catering needs.

You may be wondering what kind of business lunch menu for this meeting. A good variety of choices will cover everyone in your office. For example, a well rounded menu might include a salad bar, soup and a main course such as chicken or beef. Appetizers may also be a nice touch. Party platters are great for a semi social gathering because they give people lots of choices. Examples of these platters would include a deli meats tray, a cheese tray, a vegetable tray and a fruit tray. You could even provide a few different varieties of bread and condiments and let people make their own gourmet sandwiches.

If you are planning a lunch meeting you should get in touch with the firm of your choice as far ahead as possible to make sure you can reserve their services for the day you need them. If you’re having trouble finding a caterer because the event is last minute, consider going to a supermarket such as Giant. This supermarket, and several other supermarkets around the country have catering services that range from basic party platters to hot meals brought to your location. The best part is, they can usually work on short notice.

You might also want to include dessert as part of your business lunch. Ideas for dessert include cake and cookies. You could even serve an assortment of doughnuts. Beverages should include water, coffee and soft drinks. These same ideas can apply to a brunch or even an early morning meeting, although the main course may change. When planning to feed a group in a business setting, consider your budget, the number of people that will attend. From there, it is a matter of selecting the menu items you think people will like the most.

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