Business Plan For Office Catering

When formulating a business plan for office catering, there are numerous details to consider…even more than you would have to consider when starting a home catering business. Get the blueprint here.

The office environment presents its own unique set of challenges and obstacles, and getting a handle on these as early as possible will ensure you a greater degree of success in your market.

Your first step when planning an office catering business is determining if there is indeed a market for such services. It wouldn’t make much sense to plan such a service in an area dominated by farms and general stores. There simply wouldn’t be enough potential customers in such an area to justify all the time, money and effort that you will expend. If you live in or near a business area or commercial district on the other hand, you are probably sitting on a potential goldmine of opportunities for your niche.

Of course you could go ahead with your plan for office catering and simply deliver your services to another town. But this itself presents a number of obstacles, particularly with regard to delivering your food. You definitely don’t want your fresh cooked food to sit around the back of a truck while you drive halfway across town, so you may want to stick to providing your services to nearby areas.

After you have determined that there is indeed a market for your services, you could start out with a sample business plan for catering business. This will give you a clearer idea of obstacles you may not have considered initially, not to mention give you a plan that you could show to people who can help you with your operation. Which brings us to another aspect of starting a company: resources.

You may find it helpful to ask advice from people that have performed a similar undertaking in the past. People who have their own catering company and have done so successfully for a number of years are in the best position to help you pinpoint trouble areas with you idea. In spite of your best efforts to cover all bases, there will inevitably be a few points that you will overlook, and someone with more experience than you could help you avert a potential disaster that could cost you a lot of wasted time and money.

It may also be a good idea to send out “feelers” to the offices that you will be catering to. Any business requires a fair bit of market research way before the first purchase is made, and it is no different with your service. See if you could strike up an acquaintance or set up a meeting with the events coordinator of a certain office. These people can be a tremendous source of information about what foods people in the office prefer or any stylistic requirements with regard to food preparation. There is no such thing as too much information in this regard, and the more data you can gather for your business plan for office catering, the greater chance you have of a successful catering business. Don’t assume that an idea that worked for one office will work for another either.

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