Catering Jobs

Catering jobs are ideal if you have an interest in the food service industry. There are all kinds of positions from entry level to professional. What you should consider depends on your previous education and experience. Perhaps you’ve never worked in a restaurant or in a catering business before. In this case you would want to start off as a dishwasher or food preparation assistant. Food prep workers get the food ready for the chef. This may involve washing, peeling and slicing produce and cutting meat.

While a dish washing or food preparation position may involve some training, these are definitely entry level jobs. The next step up would be a server position if the company offers this feature. Some companies do buffets only while others employ wait staff. The position of server entails so much more than just taking orders and delivering food. The server is often the first impression a guest has and is the face of the business, so to speak. It is important to be friendly and efficient without being too intrusive.

There are also various administrative positions that may be available with a catering company. For example, a company will usually need an accountant or bookkeeper to take care of the finances. They may also need a marketing professional for advertising the business. Other various positions you may find in this market include receptionist and delivery driver. It all depends on how large a company is and what kind of catering service they do. If you know you want to work in the biz, contact the companies in your area and ask them if any positions are available. Even if there are no positions available, an employer may be willing to put you on a waiting list if anything opens up.

Possibly the most challenging yet rewarding of all catering jobs is business owner. Many people dream of owning their own business. If you are good with people, have restaurant experience and enjoy the food service business in general you may be a great candidate for starting a home catering business. It helps to do some research into the business, and running a company in general, before doing anything drastic. While starting a firm is a big step, it can potentially lead to success that you could not have achieved working for someone else. There are various organizations, such as the Small Business Administration, who can help you make your dreams a reality.

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