Catering Menu Ideas

Catering menu ideas – are you planning an event that will need to be catered? If so, you may be looking for catering menu ideas. Planning a menu or buffet is a creative endeavor that can be quite enjoyable. The key is to work with a good catering company who can help you make your ideas into reality. Check your local phone directory Yellow Pages to see who serves your area. There will likely be more than one company which means you will have to make a choice. A consultation with each local firm can help you make the best choice.

The most important piece of information you will need when consulting with a caterer is how many people are going to be eating. When estimating the head count, round up. It is always better to have leftover food than not to have enough to serve everyone. The next thing you will likely discuss is what kind of event it is and what your ideas are. Let’s say you are planning a corporate brunch. A possible menu may include bagels with smoked salmon and cream cheese, a muffin assortment, a variety of doughnuts or an omelet bar.

Variety is important when organizing an event. You want to make sure there is something for everyone. Maybe you are hosting a dinner and plan to have a buffet style setup. For this, you would want a variety of side dishes to accompany a main dish. A salad bar is also a good bet because there is sure to be something for everyone. For dessert you may want to provide several options including fresh fruit for light eaters. Beverages are important and should always include water, coffee and an assortment of soft drinks.

If your “happening” has a certain theme, ask your catering company what they can do to coordinate. For example, a baby shower may feature iced cookies shaped like baby booties. Or cupcakes frosted in pale pink or blue with baby themed decorations. A Christmas party would certainly include holiday favorites like sugar cookies with red and green sprinkles. For a birthday party, request the guest of honor’s favorite foods. International cuisine is also an idea when it comes to choosing a theme. The company you choose should be able to recommend various ideas also when it comes to deciding what to serve.

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