Catering Recipes

Catering recipes – as anyone in the catering business knows, it is tremendously important to keep your menu fresh and to always strive to introduce something new to your customers. The success of your firm hinges greatly on the quality of your food, which is why it is hardly surprising that catering recipes are some of the industries best guarded secrets. Any catering service worthy of the name will likely have its own special dishes that make them stand out from the competition.

That being said, you will also need to fill up your repertoire with the recipes that have been proven crowd-pleasers over the years. If you have ever attended any catered event yourself, there may be one or two dishes that tend to make their appearance in any event. These are the classics of the biz, and they help make things a little bit more familiar to the guests. You would do well to learn some of these recipes, catering events being so dependent on them. At any rate, having these classic recipes in your bag of tricks will ensure that at least a few of the guests will enjoy the food!

One classic standby that never fails to make the rounds of the casual party and tailgate scene is the meatball. All you will need is a pound of ground beef, a quarter cup chopped onion, a quarter cup milk, one egg, half a cup of cracker crumbs, a teaspoon of salt, and one fourth teaspoon black pepper.

Mix all of the above ingredients in a large bowl until thoroughly blended. Shape the meat into balls roughly the size of a medium-sized tomato. You may also make them a little bigger or smaller if you wish depending on your preferences. Keep in mind however that making your meatballs too small will make them a bit harder to eat.

Grease up a baking pan and place all the meatballs on it. Bake it in the oven for 375° Fahrenheit for 30 to 35 minutes. Drain off the fat and place it on an attractive serving tray with toothpicks poked into the meatballs for easy serving and you’re done!

You may also make delicious hors d’oeuvres from ham or turkey slices, or whatever type of meat you wish. You will need a package of flour tortillas and a pack of cream cheese in addition to the meat. Simply spread cream cheese liberally on one side of the tortilla, and lay two pieces of ham on top. Add a little bit more cream cheese on top of the ham and place the second tortilla on top. Roll everything together and poked it to stick to it in order to keep it from opening up. You can then serve it as it is, or you could slice 2 inch sections on either side of the toothpick.

These are only some of the more popular catering recipes that have proven to be classics in the social scene. There are a lot more recipes for you to explore out there, and each one will be an invaluable addition to your service.

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