Catering Recipes

Catering recipes – when it comes to recipes for your business, you should look for ones that are designed to feed large numbers of people. And of course, you should make sure they are good by testing them on a smaller scale before offering them on your menu. Testing them can be an enjoyable part of running a catering business, not just for you but for the people you’ve designated as your taste testers. Always test it on several people to make sure it is popular before deciding to use it.

Another issue when selecting catering recipes is cost efficiency. You want recipes that are delicious but also affordable. Your goal as a caterer is to provide your clients with delicious, quality food at a price they can deal with while making a profit yourself. The recipes and ingredients you choose can play a big part in your bottom line. Look for recipes that feature common ingredients that are easy to buy in bulk and at wholesale. Usually the more you buy at once the bigger savings you can get.

The type of food you should offer depends on your specialty. If you are running a general catering service that offers a variety of different foods try to incorporate all the food groups and courses. For example you could offer your clients a variety of appetizers, entrees and desserts to choose from. You want to offer potential clients a good selection and even the possibility of a custom menu. For example, you could ask each client what they are looking for and help them put together a menu based on what they want, how much money they have to spend and what you are capable of providing.

When searching for recipes, cookbooks can be very helpful. If you already have some favorite cookbooks, consider trying some recipes from them. Even if the recipes are for small groups you can multiply them. Or, you can shop for cookbooks designed for feeding large groups. One example of such a cookbook is The Wedding Catering Cookbook by Christie Katona. You may also want to look for some titles on running a catering business in general, such as Start and Run a Catering Business by George Erdosh.

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