Food Catering Services

Food catering services – are you the type of person who just seems to have a special touch in the kitchen? Can you make great tasting dishes from easily available ingredients without so much as glancing at a recipe book? Then you just may have a bright future ahead of you in food catering services! It is the ideal business opportunity for anyone who loves food, most particularly preparing and serving it. It’ll take a bit of passion and a lot of hard work in order to succeed in this business, although the effort is definitely more than worth it with the numerous opportunities available.

When you start up a food catering service, you will be primarily responsible for preparing and serving as many different types of foods as possible. This range of services will include appetizers, desserts, and possibly even drinks, although more and more people are hiring dedicated bar services for their cocktail needs. Nevertheless, that leaves plenty of room for you to operate, and it is safe to say that food catering services handle anywhere from 90% to 100% of all the party’s food needs.

As to where you will be offering these services, it typically  will provide food for weddings, corporate events, large family gatherings, and virtually any type of social gathering that will require food for several people. You can then imagine the importance of having an extensive menu to offer.

Which brings up an important point. When planning a menu, you will have to decide early on whether you will cater to one specific cuisine, or you will offer a more varied menu. There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach, and you will have to decide what you are prepared to handle, and which set up you prefer. Offering a varied menu is a good approach for a startup catering business, since this will allow you a broader range of options in potential catering jobs. Most social events do not have very specialized requirements with regard to the type of food being served, as long as it is of good quality and presented attractively. Offering a mixed menu will therefore possibly guarantee you a lot more gigs.

When you offer specialized cuisine on the other hand, you will be considerably limited in your market. If you focus primarily on Thai cuisine for example, you will be significantly cutting down your chances of catering a sports event at the park, a wedding, or a corporate function. All the same, you do gain a certain advantage from offering a more specialized service, and that is greatly reduced competition. It is highly unlikely that there would be more than a handful of firms offering the same type of cuisine that you do, even in a fairly large city. You therefore have a more wide-open playing field in that you can fulfill a niche that few companies in your city can. If you are lucky and you find that your unique brand of service is in demand, you just may have a bright future ahead of you in food catering services.

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