Food Catering Services

If you need food catering services for your upcoming event, comparison shopping is the best thing you can do. There may be several catering companies in your local area from which you can choose. If there are, you should first call each one to schedule a consultation and find out more about the company. You may already know what kind of food you want at your event. If not, the catering companies can offer plenty of ideas based on several factors. Your budget, the type of event and even the season may be considered when planning a menu.

Let’s say you are planning a casual gathering like a baby shower or birthday party. The catering company may recommend several appetizers, a light main course and of course, dessert. Appetizers for a casual get together like a shower may include a party platter with various fruits, vegetables, cheeses and meats. Chips and dip is always a simple and popular choice, and something you may want to do on your own. Main courses can be most anything. Serving a variety of gourmet pizzas is one idea because everyone likes pizza, it is a handheld food and comes in many different varieties.

Maybe you want something more elegant. For an event being held at a restaurant or banquet hall, a sit-down three course meal is an excellent idea. The first course could be the traditional bread and salad. You could offer guests a choice between two entrees, such as fish or beef. Traditional sides would include things like roasted vegetables on the side. Dessert can also be a choice, for example you could let guests choose between creme brulee or chocolate cheesecake. Of course you can come up with your own creative meal ideas.

Any food catering services worth hiring should be able to cater your event to your specifications. The big question for many people planning an event is not what kind of food to have but how much it is going to cost. Obtaining quotes from several catering companies is recommended if you are on a limited budget. The company will need an estimate of how many people will attend the event and what kind of menu you want. From there, they can work up an estimate that will give you a basic idea of how much you can expect to spend.

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