Office Catering

Office catering is a lucrative business you should consider as a cater.

Writing a business plan for office catering is something you will need to do before actually starting your catering business. Office catering means you are providing catering services to an office building. This can be a lucrative way to provide these services on a daily basis. For example, your company could sell breakfast, lunch and snacks to office workers on a daily business. As you can imagine this can turn into a steady source of income for a good provider at a good location. However before you start seeing dollar signs you must write a business plan.

The first thing you should do when writing a plan is create a cover sheet and statement of purpose which basically describes what you do. There should be a table of contents following this however you cannot write the table of contents until the entire plan is finished. The main text of any biz plan is divided into three sections. The first part contains information about the business in general, marketing information, financial data, operating procedures and related information. The second part contains more detailed financial reports, while the third part consists of supporting documentation like licenses, letters and contracts.

Because a business plan can be tricky to write you may want to look at a sample plan before beginning your own. A sample can give you a good idea about the structure and format of a good plan. You may also want to get some books about writing a plan or do some research online. The Small Business Administration offers lots of helpful information for business owners who are just getting started. You might even want to find a mentor to help guide you in the various aspects of starting a company.

Once you have written your plan for office catering, it is time to put your idea into motion. This means carrying out your marketing plans and acquiring clients. When going into business for yourself it is best to start small and grow gradually rather than take on more than you can handle. Of course, what you can handle should already be detailed in your completed plan. Although the actual writing of a plan can be tedious and difficult, you will be glad you have one when it comes time to refer to the information contained within.

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